1. mini lunch break sketch

    R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior

  2. Pair of doodles from last night

  3. more daily sketches

  4. daily sketches

  5. RIP wise ole Ramis

  6. My 2 entries for the coachella/TRASHed garbage bin art contest. you can help vote for these entries at the below links.

    1. mariachi band: http://woobox.com/w4sy3p/vote/for/2032898

    2. paint by numbers: http://woobox.com/w4sy3p/vote/for/2032575 

  7. Finally printed out my 4square comic series!

    Heres the cover art, inside preface and actual printed zine!

  8. part 10 from the series

    last major one for awhile. i’ll do a mini preview of the final zine this weekend!

  9. Checking In - part 9

    One of my fav comics from the series. Zine book coming out this weekend at lazinefest

  10. Love to read, or reading about love?

    Foursquare comic from a college!

  11. The best part of travelling, is searching out for more silly foursquare comments. This one is the Chicago White Sox stadium… now that I think of it, i bet the cubs would have more silly comments!

  12. heres 5 more tributes to pixar made during inktober a few months back

  13. drawings from the holiday weekend.

    while watch tv and flying to chicago

  14. This years company card for my girlfriends post house, making it the 7th year in a row I’ve been doing these.

    This years theme was superheroes, as well as their company is building a green screen studio and they wanted to promote their service. There is also a web version with everyone has a rollover button effect that switches from green screen to superhero (i’ll post that once it gets published next week).

    Also added some progress images.

  15. Doodle dump!