1. Inktober Day 7

    Pixars short “Lifted”

  2. inktober day 6

    "E" from the incrediles

  3. Inktober Day 5

  4. day 4 of intobers pixtober

    the cone of shame! from pixars UP

  5. Day 3 of Inktober!

    Flik from “A Bugs Life”.. one of my fav pixar movies!

  6. Day 2 of Inktober!

    Mr Potato Head from Toy Story.

    I didnt know the back story with the hockey puck, Don Rickles (the voice of potato head) called his crazed fans Hockey Pucks!

  7. Inktober #01

    another year of inktober is here, i’m gonna try to finish my series of “pixtobers” and hopefully put out a small zine in the end!

    cheers and lets get inky!

  8. little doodles while watching tv last night

  9. Last night at Echo Parks ‘Echo Chamber”, I had alittle table selling some comic zines and little goodies!

    It was sure hot, but good times where had!

  10. 2 more little sketches while at panels at SDCC

  11. The past month has been alittle busy for me at work, I’ve been working as art lead on 2 new games.

    Above are the main screens for a “Plinko” and “Battleship” style games.

    Below are the links to play each… 

    Pakiko: http://www.neopets.com/games/game.phtml?game_id=1369
    Coal War: http://www.neopets.com/games/game.phtml?game_id=1370

  12. Heres 2 little doodles from a week ago or so

    gotta keep on drawing and making those creative juices flow!

  13. A few months back I worked on doing some sketch cards for a “Adventure Time” card set. They got released last week, so i’m allowed to show them all off officially!

    Check them out at: http://www.cryptozoic.com/

  14. I made a personal goal to fill my moleskine by the end of may, well i got sidetracked and am way behind! but here is some scans of the first 10 pages as a try to buy some time!

  15. A few weeks back I did a quick illustration for “The Great Muppet Collab”… see them all at http://muppetcollab.tumblr.com/

    above is the final and with small thumbnails below!